The latest EasyCargo – Load efficiently update introduced several new types of cargo spaces. We expect that these will be appreciated mostly by our users in North America and Australia.

Specifically, these are flatbeds with 1, 2 and 3 axles, trucks with semitrailers with 1, 2 and 3 axles and prime movers (tractor units) with 2 and 3 axles. For the full set of provided cargo space types, check this list.

Watch the following demo to learn how to add new spaces to your EasyCargo account. We then recommend adjusting the cargo space parameters to your liking.

How to add the new cargo spaces to your account in EasyCargo container stuffing calculator


Here are our new flatbeds:

Flatbed with 1 axle

Flatbed with 2 axles









Plus, the semitrailers:

Semitrailer with 1 axle




Semitrailer with 2 axles


When correct dimensions, empty per axle weights and proper limits for truck and trailer are filled in, then weight distribution can be verified in accordance with the regulations. For more detailed information about axle weight distribution regulations for your state, you can visit

Weight distribution setup in EasyCargo container stuffing calculator


Anna Melounová | Published 13 Nov 2019