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1. What is EasyCargo?

2. Which features does the software offer?

3. Is it possible to import items from an Excel file?

4. Is it possible to store a database of cargo items directly in the application?

5. How does the 3D load plan work?

6. Can I get the program free of charge?

7. I have forgotten my password. What now?

8. What are the technical requirements?

9. Does the software work on MAC/ OS X?

10. Does the application work offline?

11. The application won't open. What shall I do?

12. Is integration via API possible?

13. Is integration via SAP possible?

14. How can I download the application? How do I keep it up to date?

15. What is the price of the license?

16. I need to use the software only a few times per month, do you have a solution for me?

17. Do you offer any discounts?

18. Do you have a special offer for Universities and other educational institutions?

19. Do you have an offer for large enterprises?

20. How much can I save using EasyCargo?

21. How do I pay?

22. What should I do if my payment is not accepted?

23. Can more users work with only one license?

24. How do I place an order?

25. How do the activation keys from the webshop work?

26. Where can I find the invoice from the webshop?

27. I haven't received my license key. What to do?

28. Which cargo spaces are available?

29. Can I create an oversized container load plan? Are overhangs supported? Can I adjust the loading size?

30. How can I change the load plan result?

31. What are "Groups"?

32. Can I load cylindrical shapes / pipes / round articles / irregular shapes?

33. What languages are available?

34. Do you have a complex container load planning guide?

35. I like your Container Challenge puzzle. Where can I purchase them?

36. I would like to download your leaflets. It is possible?

37. Do you have representatives in my country?

38. Information about us (Vendor information)

39. I need more info!