We are proud to announce that EasyCargo has improved once again!

This week, a new version of the application has been released, where a “step-by-step” report can be created for each loading plan.

What does a “step-by-step” report mean?

“Step-by-step” report Is using animation to demonstrate the order in which the individual items are loaded in the container. This animation can also be easily shared with your colleagues via Public Link. “Step-by-step” report for your container can also be created in PDF format, where you can find step-by-step pictures to show you the process of loading.


Step by Step Container Loading Software for container stuffing

How does the report look like?

The step-by-step report differs from the ordinary one in terms of displaying the cargo. In normal reports, you can only see the overview with the cargo loaded, while the step-by-step report shows all the individual steps.


Step by Step container print report in container load calculator

  • You can download the complete report in PDF format here.
  • View the step-by-step load plan online in 3D here.

How do I create the “step-by-step” report for the load plan?

Just login in EasyCargo, create your regular container loading and then click on the video icon next to the Load button. After clicking, the animation showing how to load the individual items will start.


How to create Step by Step container load plan in EasyCargo container load planning program

If you wish to create a print report, the procedure is the same as generating normal reports by clicking the print icon next to the Load button. A window with report types will pop up, select the “Step by step Report – Basic views” option and that’s it! You can also save your report as a PDF file to share it offline with your colleagues.


How to create a step by step print report in EasyCargo container load calculator

And the last step, to share your optimized container via the Public Link click the share icon, confirm the report creation and you can share it with your colleagues.


How to create a public link to your step by step load plan in EasyCargo container load calculator

Anna Melounová | Published 7 Apr 2020