We often get asked if EasyCargo can plan container loading with regards to the weight distribution. The answer is yes, it can, and now even with an improved display of the results!

In the right panel, you simply choose the angle of your container you want to view. You will see green arrows highlighting the load ratio – if you hover over them with the cursor, three values will be displayed: the maximum allowed load, current load of the cargo, and load in an empty container (minimum load).

Improved view of the container load in EasyCargo container packing software free

Another new functionality is the option to change the colour of boxes. Click on the coloured area in the item settings panel. After clicking, you will see a range of pre-defined colours to choose from. You can also enter an entirely new colour in the form of HTML code.

How to change the colour of the loaded item in EasyCargo container packing software free

Another improvement is the possibility to create a public link to the loads, including those that were already saved without this link. This is done directly in the Shipments & Reports panel.

Creating a public link to the load in EasyCargo container packing software free

Your accounting department will surely appreciate our new overview of all orders and invoices in the Licences panel.

Anna Melounová | Published 19 Aug 2019