There is a new feature added to our EasyCargo load planning software that allows an automatic archive of all of your shipments. This is especially useful if you have many of them in the Shipments and Reports tab that you can no longer keep track of.

Furthermore, you are now able to view the Shipments Archive through the Shipments and Reports tab. You can see this button at the bottom of the table behind the Import of shipment and Show Autosaved Shipments options.


Shipments and reports


The Shipments archive will then look like what is shown below:


Shipments archive



Next to the Shipments Archive button, you will also be able to locate text that states that the shipment will be automatically archived for 1 year from the date you first make the shipment. If one year is not a long enough time span for you, you can change the archiving interval in the settings – do this by using the Edit button. These settings can also be changed directly by the Shipments Archive, via Edit, or simply by just clicking your username.

Upon clicking it, you will find the page of your profile. Located at the bottom of the Company Shipments Settings section, you can select when your shipments should be archived. For example, you can choose for the shipment to be archived after one month, six months, or a year and three months. Also, directly underneath this setting, you can choose when your shipments should automatically be deleted. Available here as well, multiple options can be selected and one of these options is to never have shipments deleted.


Archivation and Deletion



Finally, what is important to mention is that only account administrators can change these settings. We hope that you will find this new feature useful and we are happy that we can continue improving EasyCargo together.

Lukáš Brož | Published 9 Mar 2023