We have created two new video tutorials to make your work with the container stuffing software EasyCargo even easier.

The first one, User and License Administration will teach you how to add users to your EasyCargo account and explain different types of users. You will also learn everything about assigning or removing licenses. There is also a section explaining how to change your personal data and manage your account.

The second video named Ordering licenses and tickets provides a step-by-step guide through the entire ordering process. It will teach you how to correctly fill the order form and explain the difference between a subscription and one-off license. You will also learn which payment method is the fastest and what should you keep in mind when paying by a bank transfer.

Now you know everything about the administration. Do you need a quick recapitulation on how to work with EasyCargo? Then have a look at the rest of our tutorial videos.

Anna Melounová | Published 7 Jan 2020