Who are we?

We are a Prague based company Bee Interactive s.r.o. focused nowadays on our top product – online load planning software EasyCargo.

The original aim of our team was to develop 3D advergames. It was back in 2010 when we were trying to use emerging Unity 3D game engine to develop the games for advertising of products or company brands. At that time it was not a successful business case. However, we learned the technology and used it in a small custom-made app for load plan visualization. After that, we made market research and realized that there are not many solutions for load planning. And those available at that time were quite outdated. So we decided to create the basic EasyCargo concept.

On top of that, Unity 3D technology allowed us to build an application right for the web-browser, so we thought it would be good to make it available online – and we did. It turned up to be the viable solution so in 2014 we founded company Bee Interactive s.r.o. which is now solely focused on the development of EasyCargo.